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Welcome to The Peninsula At Timberlake HOA page

The HOA Board of Directors aims to:

  • Promote a welcoming community environment among homeowners for a beautiful, fun, and desirable place to call home. 

  • Maintain and enhance the property values of the community by maintaining common areas, enforcing the community's governing documents, managing the association's finances, organizing events, and keeping open communication with homeowners.

HOA Governing Documents

The Regulations, Covenants, and Bylaws apply to every home and lot in the Peninsula At Timberlake. It is the legal responsibility of each home owner to understand and comply with them.

ARC Approval Application



Before your Architectural Approval Application can be processed, the application form must be properly completed with all pertinent information, all required drawings & documentation attached, and sent along with your payment to:


Peninsula At Timberlake HOA,

c/o MJS Inc.

4910 Trenholm Road, Suite C

Columbia, S.C. 29206


Contact MJS at (803) 743-0600 for appropriate fees.

Architectural Approval Application

Mail, Email or Deliver to:
Peninsula At Timberlake HOA 

c/o MJS Inc.

4910 Trenholm Road, Suite C,

Columbia, S.C. 29206

Office hours: 9AM to 5:30PM Mon-Fri
Phone: (803) 743-0600

General Information:

  • Must always use a leash on pets when walking on our streets & pick up/clean up after your pets. Be sure to take your bags home with you, not left on the curb or in anyone's yard.

  • Please respect your neighbors' right to Peace & Quiet by insuring your pet(s)' barking is kept to a minimum. 

  • Please check your mailboxes for needed repairs or a facelift.  If painting is required, Timberlake Green is the approved color & is sold at Boland's Ace Hardware in Chapin.

  • No unattended parking on the Boat Ramp/Community pavement/concrete. No overnight parking at the Community area.

  • Timberlake Yard/Garage Sale and Spring/Fall Picnics info will be on Members' page.

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